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    Seducing at work: seducing a colleague, a good idea?

    There is love in the air! You’ve fallen in love with your co-worker, but you’re wondering if it’s a good idea or a bad idea to go out with someone in the workplace! We understand your reluctance. Flirting at work is not without risk, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to give up your love just because it’s in the same company as you. But then, how to flirt at work! How do you make up my own mind? We’re revealing everything!

    The constraints of flirting at work!

    Since 1990, it has become clear that the number of couples forming at work has been falling. However, two soul mates who meet in the workplace is no one’s fault! Besides, you can always see colleagues who end up getting married! Which means that the flirt at work is still relevant!
    Of course, the risks of flirting with a co-worker are not minimal! First, by letting yourself be drawn into a relationship at work, you should expect to see it H24! At home, at work, with family, with friends, it’s clear that you will spend your time together! Which is not without its drawbacks!
    Indeed, when you love a person, spending most of the time with them is the most expensive wish, except that you will quickly confront a lack of conversational topic. The biggest problem is that you are likely to have the boring conversation that revolves solely around your work! Even at home or on an appointment, you’ll only interpret a situation at work that you two witnessed! And that’s not all! Between the two of you, there will be no secrets! Therefore, your relationship will not be spiced up.

    And for your reputation!

    In a workplace, respect for co-workers is more important than anything else. When deciding to flirt with a colleague, you must think beforehand about the image you are going to send back, the representation that your colleagues and superiors will have after learning of your intention!
    Indeed, if you do not do it in a good way by flirting with your colleague, your gesture will risk damaging your reputation! Yes, I did. Every misstep can make all the efforts you’ve made in the company for many years fall through.
    So, be careful to find yourself offside, otherwise the target will get bad! So the trick is not to rush! Forget that everything will go faster with someone you already know! It’s quite the opposite. Seduce it slowly, avoiding rushing things or behaving excessively overnight! For example, sexualizing the subject abruptly in front of your colleagues or alone is to be avoided.
    Also, openly assuming your attraction to your co-worker can encourage other male colleagues to get ahead of you and you will lose all your chances. In other words, you have to be very careful when seducing so as not to tarnish your image too much, without giving up the love of your life.

    Hit on a colleague: how do you get started?

    As you will understand, flirting with a co-worker is more difficult than flirting with a woman outside your workplace! On many points, you have to be very careful! So, to put yourself in the best possible way to flirt with a member of your team without sounding vulgar, be more sociable. To do this, you need to multiply your conversations, not only with the target, but also with the rest of the team. Otherwise, you may openly show your interest!
    To do this, take advantage of breaks and coffee breaks to socialize! During these times, all subjects are affordable! The next holiday, the weekend that has just passed, the personal project, without seeming indiscreet, etc. To be more natural, start by talking about work first. Suddenly attacking you with a very personal subject will seem strange and suspicious!
    When your sociability within the company goes very well, it’s only there that you’ll try to personally address your target! So it will be very natural.

    The famous date!

    Have you managed to approach the colleague you are cracking for naturally? It is ok! Let’s move on to the more serious stuff. You can then slip between two conversations your wish to invite him to drink! At first, take her to the company’s café and invite her to drink somewhere else next time. So lunch together sounds good! It will be too early to invite him to dinner! Remember, you should never rush things.
    Moreover, this is not a formal appointment, but just the first stone for the building. This will help you determine if your target is receptive to your presence or not! So stay alert to his behavior! Could it be that she also has a crush on you! You never know! If so, it’s won in advance!

    You have to set an example to flirt at work

    If you have a reputation to protect, you also have gestures to watch out for, so don’t show excessive interests towards your female colleagues by secretly admiring them! Of course, no one tells you to be rude to them. Speak and greet without going too far.
    Then set a good example by carefully monitoring your attitude and human values. To do this, having an ability to resolve internal conflicts without behaving like superior to others does not fail to add to your values. In spite of it, your target will not be indifferent with a strong and willing man.
    The trick is to show that you are different from others, without doing too much.

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