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    Testing and reviews on the Affiny website

    A meeting site designed by Meetic for French singles, Affiny is also a community of individuals who really want to make serious and lasting encounters based on love near their place of residence.

    Affiny’s strength

    Affiny is a site that stands out from other sites in this category, as it has an affinity test to better orient its members in order to find the best profile corresponding to its expectation. This approach represents an exclusive composed of 71 criteria that serve as a filter to select the rare pearl. Among the proposed criteria are both commonalities and complementarities. This means that lifestyle, values, aspirations and interests correspond to better understand a lasting or even lasting relationship.

    How to join Affiny, and subscribe to Premium

    Registration for Affiny’s website is free, as is the personality test. To join Affiny’s single community, you first need to create your profile. Once this step has been taken, the new registrant can take the personality test to optimize the encounter. After the personality test, the selection of singles in affinity can begin with the consultation of the profiles of the other members. This new account confers the right to send unlimited messages. On the other hand, the new registrant receives by email profiles selected according to affinities. All these steps are free on the Affiny website.

    Some members want to be more discreet and hide certain information, including photos. As a result, members can choose which profiles they want to share theirs with. A moderation team monitors all this information before the broadcast. To discover these hidden profiles and enjoy the benefits of underwriting, a premium subscription is required. The rate is degressive depending on the duration, i.e. 39.99 euros per month for a 3-month subscription, 2.99 euros for a semi-annual subscription, and 19.99 euros per month for an annual subscription. Similarly, hidden profiles that send messages are only accessible after subscription to the premium subscription. The benefits of the premium account therefore lie in the ability to view photos of another member’s profiles, as well as to receive and respond to an unlimited number of messages received. Affiny’s website is accessible through mobile devices (smartphone and tablet), but no mobile apps are available at this time. As premium membership pays off, premium members can claim unlimited and free responses. In addition, their profile visibility is optimized, and they are clearly visible as a Premium member. In this case, they can also benefit from accused reading their emails, just as they can activate their absence manager. Similarly, they have the right to activate the Contact Filter to choose the people who can communicate with them.

    How Affiny Works

    Thanks to its affinity and personality test, Affiny really works flawlessly. Affinity scores form a solid basis of the dating portal. In addition, data security is a priority on this site, and data protection is considered as such in the platform. On this site, the design was carried out in such a way that members could enjoy the services of the platform without any concern about the security of their personal data. In this case, their only concern remains the development and the outcome of their relations.

    The group also promotes transparency in data processing. A more functional approach has been adopted in the implementation of privacy policies. The simplicity of reading these clauses distinguishes the platform from others who have demonstrated overly complicated writings. This testifies to his seriousness, in addition to the teams that dedicate their presence to the safety and security of members’ personal information. A regular update is done to optimize the protection of this data. In addition, Affiny ensures that all posts are moderate, and even allows itself to remove malicious ads that do not respect the principles of the site. In this sense, the posting of fake profiles by members is not allowed.

    The features of the Affiny site

    For a good result, it is imperative to optimize the ad as much as possible. This aims to put all the chances on his side, in view of a meeting that will finally lead to a real serious relationship. With the « What You Say About You » section, it is recommended to put as much detail as you can about the person, their personality and their real profile. Eventually, for a change, you have to enter the profile section, on the account. This is important because by testing personalities, the site sets up search criteria in order to propose each day a selection of 50 affinity profiles. These proposals are posted directly on the members’ homepage to optimize the discovery of their half quickly.

    Another handy feature of the Affiny site makes it easy to manage the receipt of notifications and alerts on messaging. To benefit, simply go to the « your account » section on the top right of the pages and then on « your alerts. » The member can set up his account so as to filter out the alerts and decide whether to receive them or not. A check-in and unchecking option allows you to do this on the topics. It should be noted that all messages sent are kept in the items sent section. Messaging is available at the top of each page of the member’s interface. Affiny allows to establish a blacklist of certain members, provided that they have already exchanged correspondence with the account holder. The blacklist is therefore intended for those who have already contacted each other. Relevant technical means are available to members to quickly find their partners. Also, behavioral concerns can be reported. However, complaints are checked before being analyzed, and can result in the malicious person being struck off. The best part is that this portal complies with the laws and regulations relating to the protection of members’ personal data.

    The different relationships resulting from integration with Affiny

    The personality and affinity test is used to find compatibility between two profiles. There are couples whose relationship is based on the feeling of resemblance. This is due in particular to this feeling, which dominates strongly during the beginnings of a relationship. The commonalities are elements that attract. Similar trials and ideas are just the basis for starting a relationship. Complementary affinities are also common. It is the attraction between two totally different people, but who have come together and defied prejudice, by marrying their two profiles. This may be the result of two totally contradictory principles, but it can also be voluntary. But it is true that the difference can be attractive. This results from the fact that theories often differ with reality, and that even if the project is to fall in love with a rich individual, the heart has its reasons that reason ignores. In short, the Affiny platform allows its members to benefit from all services based on affinity testing.

    No rules in love, even in dating sites

    All this can be translated into a single theory: there are no rules in love. The registration for the site was carried out with the aim of finding someone with specific criteria. However, over time, and with complementary or contradictory affinities, it is quite possible that in the end, the person with whom the member will form a serious relationship will not be the ideal whose profile has been established. The feeling of resemblance would therefore be a subtle way of discovering yourself in front of another individual. Affiny allows two profiles that find themselves to choose between resemblance and complementarity.


    A platform founded by Meetic in 2018, Affiny enjoys the notoriety of this site but has the advantage of distinguishing itself by its exclusive personality and affinity test. The latter allows you to quickly find the ideal partner, with similar aspirations and values. In addition, data preservation is the site’s priority, which provides optimal security for members’ information. It is indeed a site for serious members, who wish to make lasting encounters. And most of all, access is free!

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