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    Fill out your profile on a dating site

    Meeting people online has become fashionable in recent years, and it is now easy to find online dating sites.

    If you feel lonely, and you feel like you’re the only single person in your circle of friends, online dating sites are for you. You are not alone, there must be nearly 20 million people in France in your case!

    That’s a lot of people, and it’s not necessarily good news! A lot of competition means, you have to stand out, be unique, and avoid basic mistakes!

    Thanks to our little guide, you will find the way to fill your profile to make lots of meetings!

    Choose your profile picture

    Choose a recent photo of yourself, less than 6 months old. Your friends can help you select the most beautiful photo of you. People like to see people smiling, so don’t hesitate to add photos where you’re on vacation, or having fun. Avoid group photos, to avoid being confused!

    Look at the photos of the competitors, and tell yourself what you like and don’t like what you see.
    And if you really suck at the photo, ask a Pro, friend or real professional, to take you some nice pictures! With 3-4 photos you should have plenty to do.
    Outdoor photos are re-ordered rather than seflies! Avoid duckface at all costs;-)

    Be clear about your intentions

    It is better to be clear from the start, because one, we will see you arrive at 3 km, and two, you save time if the person in front is totally against.
    Tip for girls looking for a stable relationship, avoid photos too sexy, duckface, cleavage and other, you might attract far too many bad profiles.
    For guys, make a girl think seriously that you want to catch is toast! Go directly to our « SEXY » category to find girls who are looking for the same thing as you;-)
    In other words, to save time and credibility, be yourself! no more, no less.

    Be honest

    As we saw earlier there is no point in lying about one’s intentions, but lying at all is usually useless either.
    What’s the point of making yourself look like a rich person, if you take him away for a burguer on your first date. Don’t pretend to be what you’re not, you’ll soon be unmasked!
    If your goal is to meet the person in real life, lying about your profile will make everything fall into the water.
    Nothing prevents you from embellishing reality a little, delivery man will become « order preparer », « looking for a job » can become « entrepreneur », etc.
    Your profile should say more about you, but not too much. Make the person want to ask you questions and take an interest in you. Get his attention.
    You don’t have to lie about your physique or your age, but find someone who will appreciate you as you really are.

    Stand out

    It all starts with your first line of descrption. I’m sure that like me, you’re tired of always reading the same things « hello, my self-call Caroline, I’m 25 years old and I live in Paris » … If you’re tired of reading the same profile over and over again, tell yourself that opposite, it’s the same!
    Stand out, be original and attractive! Take inspiration from other profiles on the site, and find the formula that suits you. Look at what others are saying, to put it differently!
    Forget the common, everyone likes to travel, an evening with friends, go to the movies! What makes you unique? Focus on that.
    Don’t just say you like to travel, specify if you travel abroad every weekend, you like the action cinema of the 1920s? Be original:)

    Apply yourself, write correctly!

    Nothing is more annoying than a rough ortograph. Take good care of her. Avoid talking rawly, or too quickly about sex, or risk scaring the person in front!

    It’s up to you to play;-)

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