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    Choose your photo on a dating site

    This is the first time you will register on a dating site or you are already members, but you want to increase your chance of seduction. You have to bet on your photos, because these are the ones that represent you first. This is the first preview that attracts to your profile so don’t choose it any way. The ideal photo allows you not only to attract more visitors, but above all to find the one that suits you best. So, through these few lines, discover the tips for a better choice.

    An authentic photo showcasing originality

    It’s true that you are looking for love and a partner, but if you really want to find the one that suits you best, your photo needs to convey your own image. Don’t try to look like someone else or even put on clothes that don’t fit into your usual style just because you want a nice photo. Whether you’re fat, thin, or with a disability, don’t hide anything. That’s not to say that you’re going to highlight your flaws, but make sure the photo is neat and reflects your personality.

    A photo with your smile

    If you want to exude a natural and embellishing charm in your photo, then choose the one that shows your most beautiful smile. Don’t think that putting a photo without a smile will make you look serious because the smile does not necessarily mean immaturity, it is an expression of joie de vivre and it is a reflection of the soul. So when you sort your photo for a dating site, remember that it’s not your CV or your ID. Avoid grimaces, a sad face or another facial expression visible in the photo. You should also avoid having a look or a frozen face, you are not a mannequin so your eyes should be turned to the one who looks at your photo.

    A good quality photo

    The quality of the photo attracts more eyes than blurred shots. Visitors are first interested in the photo before reading what concerns you. That’s why you have to post a photo with good resolution, no grains or bulky elements. You must thus see the background of your photo, it should not be in a messy place, or that does not give a good image as in a casino … Your photo should not be dark and it must be well framed for the pleasure of the eyes. She must be focused on you.

    A photo that is not of the selfie and uncompanied

    With the current selfie trend, almost all photos on social networks as well as dating sites are selfies. However, a photo taken by another person will enhance you and focus on a mature side. If you only post selfies, it suggests that you are so lonely or that you are not very open with your entourage to ask them to take your picture. Don’t put a photo with someone else or a group photo because it makes you shade. Exceptionally, you can take a photo with your child if you have one and have mentioned it on your profile. In fact, we must never forget to mention the existence of a child. For your main photo, it should be only you, but for secondary photos, you can put your photos with your pet or accompanied by a musical instrument or other things that you are passionate about.

    A less retouched photo and fewer filters

    Of course, a good quality photo should highlight your beauty, but it should always keep as much natural as possible. Don’t forget that the goal is not to have multiple admirers for the photos, but to find someone with whom you will share your life. Therefore, also think of the meeting to avoid any disappointment at the meeting or the complex, your photo should not hide all your imperfections. You can touch it up and add filter if you like, but you still recognize your face.

    A one-on-one photo without accessories

    For a main photo, you can choose a photo of your bust, but don’t miss adding an entire photo of yourself. If the dating site doesn’t allow you to add more than one photo, try putting a picture of yourself from head to toe, the one that allows you to see your face. Take a picture of yourself without a cap or glasses or other accessories that influence your face, as it’s a way for you to say that you are more beautiful or the most beautiful with, but not without. You may be able to choose to put them in the secondary photos if you want to.

    A photo with a decent style and pose

    The choice of what you wear in your photo also says a lot about you. For girls or women, avoid putting a too sexy photo that shows almost your whole body, because mature men looking for a serious relationship will not opt for this kind of profile. As a result, photos in swimsuits, lingerie or mini shorts or miniskirts are prohibited. Provocative and aggressive poses and outfits should be banned. Men should not pose shirtless, either, because it gives off an air of seductiveness that does not inspire confidence on the loyalty side. That’s not to say that you’re going to put on a 3-piece suit, but opt for a chic and casual look.

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