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    How do you please girls?

    So, men also leaf through magazines in search of methods that work to please the woman they want to seduce or women in general? Gentlemen are flirtatious in nature and also need to feel wanted and irresistible to feel better. But by the way, how do you please girls? Here are our tips that work, take note!

    Self-confidence: this is the first golden rule!

    No woman would want to go out with a weather vane that doesn’t even know where it’s going and where it came from! For them, a man must have plans, a status, be well oriented in life. In other words, a solid man. Then note that women will love you alone without you having to do anything if you have that sense of power that guides you to think about your future plans.
    Self-confidence is more important to women than anything. They all need a companion who is not afraid of obstacles and not a coward who is afraid to make a fool of himself. Also, the mistake most made by men is to do nothing for fear of disturbing the woman he loves. Don’t make the same mistakes and be confident.
    Be careful not to turn self-confidence into authoritarianism or a kamikaze attitude! No woman would want to spend her life with a tyrant.

    Mastering the social game: that’s the key!

    Have you ever heard of the term « social dynamics »? It is very used in the context of seduction, but also in social life in general. We are talking about the behaviours that you have to adopt in the presence of other people. For example, a person who clearly understands social dynamism is very good at behaving in a group to avoid offending or offending band members or leader. In social life, you need to know how to talk to the best friend of the person you love without making them jealous. These are small details that men do not notice, but that change absolutely everything!
    By understanding the social dynamics very well, you will be able to better understand people and power games both at work and in the group of friends! To do this, remember that you need to listen a lot, but also to have the ability to make people talk! Be careful, however, not to be too prying!

    Seduction makes perfect sense!

    When we talk about seduction, we necessarily talk about appearance! Sensitive to the physical conditions of their companion, women are easily seduced by men who know how to take care of themselves. By the way, have you ever met a man who is better than a bag of garbage, but who has managed to seduce a girl? Maybe it’s happened before, but it’s a very rare case!
    So take care of your appearance! We don’t demand a lot from you! It’s not like you’re being asked to spend hours in your bathroom frothing with any kind of shampoo like women do! You are just asked to be clean and presentable. Also, remember to keep or build your lines, because women can not resist the muscular body of a man! That said, do some sport combined with a good diet to keep your shape.

    Get your sense of humor out!

    A funny man who knows how to put her at ease, a funny companion who manages to make her smile in the worst situations! That’s the perfect guy for women! A man who knows how to make his beloved laugh without being afraid of being ridiculed is worth all the gold in the world for the female gent! Too serious, you might sound boring! Indeed, know that your sense of humor can help women relax after a stressful day! It’s no wonder she falls for you after laughing with you.
    Again, you have to be careful not to overdo it at the risk of losing the woman you like forever! Indeed, by overreacting, women will never be able to take you seriously! Worse, they may believe you a womanizer, a sexual predator, a born don Juan!
    In any case, always stay natural to get serious again a few times. Otherwise, you have every chance of becoming the funny friend who knows how to relax her. Friendzone assured!

    Having money, without necessarily being wealthy!

    If a woman is intelligent and has common sense, she will never show you her materialism! Even if she doesn’t want your money proper, she would never want a penniless man who will live under her hook! Never forget that a man must be strong and a strong man owns his own money without expecting anything from a woman.
    So stop thinking that all women are venal! Absolutely not! Some earn even a lot more than you, but the fact that you earn your own living remains a criterion of attraction that cannot be overlooked for a woman.
    Also, all intelligent women like to project themselves into the future while imagining their children living without financial worries! If she can’t imagine this future with you, she will question the decision to fall for you, despite your charms! So, think first of all to succeed in your career so that you can offer that stability that women love in men! That doesn’t mean you’re going to follow the same path as Uncle Picsou! Always building up a fortune and then getting older and being alone! It’s greed! Then it’s up to you!

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