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    10 tips for a successful appointment

    Meeting people online has become fashionable in recent years,and it is now easy to find online dating sites, but find a good love story online? Here are our tips and tricks to help you succeed in your encounters.

    1. Take care of your profile

    According to some dating experts, honesty, patience and a well-written and well-presented profile are the only things a person needs to find love. Take care of the good, talk about your personality, your character, your passions etc. Be sincere and true! The best way to attract people is to talk to them very simply. Your dating profile is halfway to success. Carefully fill in your ‘Statut’ and your short presentation, but remember to keep a low profile and not share too much personal information.

    2. A suitable profile picture

    Choose a recent photo of yourself, less than 6 months old. Your friends can help you select the most beautiful photo of you. People like to see people smiling, so don’t hesitate to add photos where you’re on vacation, or having fun. Avoid group photos, to avoid being confused!

    3. Be sociable

    You have to be pleasant and courteous, chat with men and women who share your interests to maximize your chances of meeting.

    4. Be connected everywhere

    Dating sites visible from our Top10 are available on phone and tablet. Don’t hesitate to check them out wherever you are!

    5. Behave flawlessly

    Online dating is the safest. However, some people abuse this opportunity and try to behave in a completely inappropriate manner. Don’t hesitate to sign or block these people.

    6. Beware of Suspicious Behavior

    To make every dating site a healthy environment, please report your doubts about a member to administrators. Not only to protect yourself but also for other users.

    7. Share your photos in moderation, on a case-by-case basis

    Provocative or sexy photos can attract the attention of bad people. To avoid this, make sure you only share these photos with trusted members.

    8. Don’t reveal any confidential information

    Always be on your guard when it comes to sharing information. Never communicate private and/or confidential information with strangers. Use images only dedicated to dating sites: the images you will use on this site should not be present on other websites containing your personal information (including social networks).

    9. Watch out for scammers and scammers

    Don’t hesitate to report a member who tries to trick you into obtaining personal or banking information. This also includes illegal advertising, links to other paid sites, financial solicitations or offers of money. This kind of crook often goes through profiles of girls and usually describes herself as true, honest, sincere, caring, authentic, or tells a sad story or declares that she loves you.

    10. Meet in safe places

    Choose for your first appointment a public place, a place that you think is safe and trustworthy. Tell your friends you’re going to meet you. The meeting point must be a public, busy place. Also avoid alcohol abuse to remain conscious and reasonable. If you are a girl, think first of all about your safety, and if at any time you feel embarrassed or nervous, simply go home.

    It’s up to you to play;-)

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