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    How to avoid fraudulent dating sites?

    Our advice

    How to easily, quickly and easily detect online fraudulent sites to come across quality dating sites?
    A first reflex would already be to access the dating sites available on our comparison of dating sites. You will make sure to visit a site validated by our team.
    Before you start your search for the ideal woman, it is important to have a full profile. For this, I recommend our article How to fill his profile correctly
    One see your profile created, you only need a few details to make it to your first appointment.

    How do I spot fakes and fake profiles?

    Whether it’s on some dating sites or even on social networks, we’ve all dealt with a scammer one day. It’s easy to get tricked without knowing these few tricks.
    It is easy to get caught up, for lack of affection, by solutide, etc.
    You have to watch out for the « brutals », those men based in foreign countries who pretend to be a beautiful dream woman, in the hope of extracting money from you. These can be easily identifiable by their more than dubious grammar!
    If the person opposite is writing really badly, tell you about their sad scenario to cry, and they ask you for money, look no further and report it to the administrators of the dating site you are in.

    The standard scenario

    Each scam is different, but overall, you will always find the same pattern:
    The scammer speaks to you, passing through a suberbe creature. Often even, she speaks to you before you’ve even finished filling out your profile.
    Its profile will make you dream: often rich, beautiful and intelligent, it will make you dream with his travel photos
    But you will soon fall back to earth after reading some of his sentences in French more than doubtful.
    Very soon, it will have big plans for you, because you are the ideal person (sic)
    It will often rely on your emotional pain to create a bond (difficult childhood, poverty, etc.)
    And finally, when he thinks that the victim is under the spell, he will tell you about an urgent financial problem, hospital fees, inheritance to be recovered, etc. No matter, it’s still phony.

    Stay positive

    Fortunately there are not only fakes on the internet, and with experience we learn very quickly to beware of profiles suspetcs. Use the sites on our online comparator to make sure you don’t run into malicious people.
    Be careful, don’t pass on confidential information, and compare multiple sites. If one site doesn’t suit you, look for another. Our site has different categories, and you will no doubt find your happiness in one of them.

    Good meetings on! [URL]

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